Peruvian Ruins

The point to traveling is to explore and see parts of the world that are foreign to your everyday lifestyle.  When traveling to a completely different continent, you are to expect some culture shocks.  Personally, thats what I love most.  I love the idea of being in out of my norm and adapt to another lifestyles.  Visiting Peru was a complete culture shock, but there were shockingly some similarities.  When flying into Cusco, it had the big town lifestyle, but what stood out the most was the Catholic Church in the middle of the town.  I'm not a very religious person by any means, but it just amazes me to see the heavy Catholic influence throughout the world. A beautiful idea to have a strong belief in something so powerful spread all over the world; from Europe to America, to Mexico and South America.  Peru in particular was unique because the Catholic Church basically built around these ancient Inca ruins.  It reminded me of Rome a bit where these modern churches were built over, on top of or around ancient Roman structures.  
I sort of started my journey backwards, where I flew into Cusco and visually absorbed my surroundings and the farther I drove out of town, the true Peruvian culture started to develop.  My first full day I explored Ollantaytambo, Pisca, and stayed in Urubamba.  My second day too the train to the bottom of Machu Picchu and then climbed a large portion of the Inca trial.  On my last night in Peru I stayed in the city of Cusco and explore the Catholic Culture that had later developed in Peru.  The thing that struck me most was the major differences between the Incan beliefs and the Catholic Church, yet within time, it holds a major roll in the Peruvian lifestyle today. Overall, it truly was captivating to see history transform throughout time from these ruins and churches.  


Machu Picchu