New York Fashion Week 2018


Day 1

Last year was my first time attending NYFW and I fell in love. I’ve always loved attending fashion shows and it was such a magical experience I had to go this year. I had so much work this year, I had to fly out towards the tail end of fashion week. There was one show last year I hated, and I was hoping to have a successful season. Sadly, my first show was horrible. Truly, it was embarrassing. It looked cheap, horribly tailored, the lace looked like it came from a vintage shop, the models looked like they were dragged off the street and were clearly told to bring heels from home so nothing matched…. it was just a mess. The worst part about it, it was the longest show I attended and everyone was whispering and giggling over how bad it was. Out of respect for the designer I will refrain from using their name, but wasn’t a great start to my NYFW 2018 experience.

Photos of me before the show even started thanks to Alix Kramar

Day 2: Part 1

Thankfully day 2 was more successful, but probably the longest day of my life. I had 5 outfit changes, a few different meetings while running around NYC with my head cut off, but it was worth it! I had a shoot in the morning with the best NYC photographer ever (Alix Kramer: link above), then I had a few meetings across town, then had to run to another photo shot (see below), then I had my first show with my first photographed outfit, then I had to change for my last show (see below). I hustled around New York and I felt like a local doing it!

First show was Liu Yong: and it was EPIC! Every pieces screamed asian street chic, which I can’t get enough of (if you haven’t read my Japan travel blog, then you don’t understand my love for the Asian culture). There was camo, there were oversized hoodies and jackets, there was plastic rain coats or plastic pants, there are epic asian designed embroidery, I mean there was everything and more. It flowed perfectly together and everything was unisex. I LOVE DESIGNERS WHO CAN CREATE THE UNLIMITED UNISEX DESIGNS!! I would wear everything and would recommend this designer in a heart beat to anyone who has an edgy look to them!

Photos taken again by the best Alix Kramer before my first show on Day 2

Day 2: Part 2

This was the second greatest thing to happen to me this year (first being that I was on the cover of Palm Springs Magazines: The Guide TWICE!!). When receiving an invite to the NAERSILING show, I was also asked by the designers to come in for a fitting and to wear one of their designs for the show!!!! PLUSSSSSSSS… I was featured in Harpers Bazaar China! I FULL ON DID A HAPPY DANCE WHEN I GOT THE EMAIL! I had an extremely busy week, took a red eye to New York city, got off the plane, went straight to the fitting and felt like a supermodel hustling. It was all a major adrenaline rush and worth every second!

Hands down one of the best show I have ever experienced! EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT I WANTED!! I mean it was weird, funky, edgy, daring, bold, bright, structural, just WOW! Sorry all these iPhone photos are blurry, but you get the idea…

Photos taken for Harpers Bazaar China