Nashville, Tennessee Travel Guide: Activities

Cash Museum

If you are planning on being in downtown Nashville for drinks, I recommend stumbling into the Johnny Cash Museum. There is also a Patsy Cline has an exhibit upstairs. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to explore it, but I’m sure its just as informative and visually appealing as the Cash museum downstairs. The museum is a little small in the walkways and they fill up with people quickly, so I recommend going early.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

I am not a country music fame, but the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum was work checking out! It was amazing to see the history of country music, some of the cars and guitars, but my personal favorite was seeing all of the fun costumes!

Frist Museum

The Frist Art Museum was small, but powerful. It is located in the Gulch by some really delicious restaurants. I highly recommend looking up when their next exhibit is live. I was there to see the Dorothea Lange exhibition and was moved by all of her inspiring photographs.

Broadway St., Downtown

You HAVE to go downtown, Nashville. It’s like the new Bachelorette party destination point. Move over Vegas, look out for all the parties going off at 10am on Broadway Street. I couldn’t believe the loud bands playing that early in the morning. It is a lot more fun at night hoping from bar to bar. Every country music star has their own bar. Each one is just as tall and loud as the other!

The Gulch

This is an up and coming neighborhood with a lot to see! Its on the other side of town from Broadway Street, but not a far walk at all. Some of my favorite bars and restaurants were in the Gulch. There are tons of colorful murals as well!