Travel Guide of Palm Springs: Moorten Botanical Garden

Continuing on with my Palm Springs travel guide, your next stop should be to Moorten Botanical Gardens. This place is walking distance from a lot of the new trendy hotels such as l’Horizon and Ace Hotel. It is a hidden gem of Palm Springs and worth a quick little visit. Founded in 1938, this privately owned arboretum was designed to showcase the desire plants and all their beauty. With more than 3,000+ different types of desert trees and cacti from all over the world makes this a really quaint garden. Not only is this a living museum, but they sell art, ancient fossils, gorgeous crystals, and pioneer and gold mining relics. I had so much fun walking the grounds and seeing the cute little cottage home, the little shop, a picnic area, and all the amazing different cacti.

You may recognize this magical place thanks to Instagram. Moorten Botanical Garden is now known “the worlds first Cactarium”, as they call it. I’ve seen this place photographed a million different times with bloggers and even engagement or wedding sessions. DID YOU KNOW that you can get married on the grounds?! YUP, they host garden weddings and wedding receptions at Moorten Botanical Garden. The Palm Grove Oasis is available for many types of events aside from weddings, such as concerts, art exhibits, fashion shows, and much more! I plan on going back one day with lunch to have a lovely picnic and people watch. I’m always looking for a great place to people watch!

On your next visit to Palm Springs, please be sure to check out Moorten Botanical Garden and support this privately owned establishment!

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