Highlight of New York Fashion Week 2019

This was probably one of my craziest fashion weeks in terms of hustle and dealing with cold weather. I went to countless shows and witnessed 18 designers express themselves through fashion. I think I was only going to see 3 shows and tap out to see friends and explore the city, but of course I couldn’t say no!


Fashion Hong Kong

Heaven Please+ @heavenplease by Yi Can & Lary Cheung

I’m not always the biggest fan of two designers working together because sometimes both of their visions clash. I saw some consistent designs, where I couldn’t identify as to which designer make what. Some of the designers were a bit farfetched, but some were wearable art. Great way to open fashion week for me.

@anveglosa by Aneette Chan

LOVED! The theme was consistent through every look. These designers were made for the modern Dominican, sophisticated and edgy woman- Someone like myself. I loved the mix of leaver and tulle. you can tell this designer knows how to handle leather, everything was perfectly tailored!

112 mountainyam @112mountainyam

Loved the daring choice of bringing rustic fall colors in for spring. The series had a camp/splotch looking theme fo rustic oranges, olive greens, and mustard yellows. 100% colors you would see everywhere in fall. Great way to stand out for Spring & Summer. Really loved a lot of thee designs because they are practical and can be worn on a daily basis. Where as a lot of designers these days are just creating art, and nothing thinking about it’s every day practical use. Taking comfort of chic sweats to tailored pant suits from the runway to the streets.

Jason Wu Presentation

Truthfully one of my favorite designers that I was able to see this season. This series had a tasteful feminine though and undone look to it. Meaning, everything was perfectly tailored, but there would be loose ribbons or frays (see detail shots bellow). Things you think would look tacky and incomplete, but it added a great element to the designs. We will 100% see these designs at the Oscars or any award ceremony this year. The rich red colors, soft pastel pinks and lavenders, held such a romantic feel. I felt he was inspired by Dior and Chanel, there is a little kiss of inspiration from past designs. It was such a fun just being in the presence of these dress and gowns, made me feel pretty…oh so pretty!


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Yuna Yang

The show was inside of a bookstore, super cute idea that matched the theme of the designers theme. Such a fun twist on the back-to-school vibes. Gorgeous lace, beautiful detailing, fun cuts and architectural patters! Loved everything I saw from this show! 100% everything could be worn on a daily basis. These designs are artistic, but still practical for the everyday person.

Oxford Fashion

Chaahat Thakker

Loved the vibrant colors and the geometric shapes. Wearable art, rather than practicality.

Poli and Jo

Brutally honest, but really boring. Nice bags, but each was the same just different sizes. There was nothing that made me say, “I need that!”. Though the cuts and style is timeless, but there was nothing that was exciting to me. If there were different colors, embellishments, or detailing then this would be an entirely different review.

Farah Naz

Looked like cheap material but I liked the cuts and styles. Although I did love to the runway experience, where the show ends with a wedding dress. You hardly see that these days with all the new wannabe/upcoming designers.

Ron Ramos

Hands down one of my favorite designers the entire week that I had seen. This was sexy, feminine, masculine, edgy, and had a Carmen Sandiego vibes. I wanted every single piece that walked down the runway.


Burning Man & Coachella meets New York Fashion Week. Loved some of the pieces a lot, and confused by the others. It always breaks my heart seeing imperfections walking down the runway because it ruins the look for me. The girls earring was flipped backwards and another girls tit was falling out and I could see her nipple the entire time. CHECK YOUR MODELS A MILLION TIMES BEFORE THEY HEAD DOWN THE RUNWAY!

Jisu Lim

LOVED! This was modern, bold and daring, yet still practical! Aside from maybe the bodysuit and the sheer blouse, but everything else was pretty cool!

NC by Charly Nzogang

I loved the oversized pieces and the hoody dress, but the cut out pieces were a bit much. Still a great collection, but not something I would considered to be couture.

Jyu Ri Ri

Prince meets Alice & Wonderland. I think the only thing I like was the pink fluffy hoodie, because I was freezing and felt like it would really keep me warm.



80’S FLASH BACK! WOW! Talk about pleather, studs and sequence! The music was PERFECT for the show, it added an extra edge element to the entire look. 100% The most daring designs I saw this entire season. I laughed thinking there was no way anyone would be able to sit with a spiked studded skirt or leather pants, but they were FABULOUS!! Each piece that walked down the runway I wanted and keep thinking I NEED! Can’t wait to see what this designer has in store for other seasons!


FAUN by Marisa P. Clark

Simplistic and beautiful. You would see thee being sold at a J. Crew or Nordstrom for sure. This was made for the everyday feminine woman.

Kristen Ley

Really loved a lot of the designs and cuts. The sexy leather tight jumpsuit was screaming my name! I loved the leather jacket with the shoulder pad paired with the white leather skirt with fringe on the bottom. This was meant for the more dominant and edgy woman.


Great tribute to the designers culture. Bold vibrant colors, architectural cuts, and silk materials… this show really stood out. I think this was the only designer that brought their culture 100% into their designers. I saw hints here and their (mostly with some street chic designs), but I didn’t see anything like this. I really loved this show.

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