Travel Guide of Palm Springs: WORKSHOP

This TRUTHFULLY is the best restaurant right now in Palm Springs. I’ve heard so many people rave about this place, including my family, and I was so excited to finally treat myself. When I arrived, I had no idea where the front door was, which wasn’t the best start, but ended up becoming a joke. We sat outside and Quickly realized that I wasn’t the only person to not see the door at first. The outside patio is beautiful, but there is nothing like the inside atmosphere!

First things first, cocktails! I went with my parents for a fun night out and my father goes for bourbon, whiskeys and ryes, where as my mother and I drink gin. Our waiter recommended the Army Navy which has gin nutmeg and citrus. We also ordered the Bees Knees with honey, lemon, and gin. My father got Good Lion Burbon on ice with a W printed on the cube. If you are a vodka lover, I would recommend ordering the Palm Springer.

For appetizers, we ordered a bunch of things! My parents have been to Workshop before and knew exactly what to order. Sometimes its nice just to sit back, relax, and let someone take over. The first thing my father ordered were the Duck Fat Fries. I’m pretty sure my mouth hit the floor when I heard him order DUCK FAT FRIES….WHAT?! Some other fun dishes we ordered was the octopus carpaccio, cauliflower steak, and roasted brussel sprouts with pancetta honey thyme.

I was between the special, which was the sea bass, or the jerk chicken breast. The Sea Bass was meant for 2 people, and after seeing it, I feel like I could have had it all for myself. I would have but the jerk chicken sounded perfect, and it was! There was nothing left on my plate, and I ate some of my parents fish.

There is always room for dessert! I saw flourless chocolate cake with caramel ganache, mango sorbet, and cacao habanero sauce, and didn’t even care to look at the rest! Chocolate, citrus and spicy is one of my FAVORITES!!! Trust me, this was so good, I’m sure the other dessert were just as delicious!

800 N Palm Canyon Dr,
Palm Springs, CA 92262
1 (760) 459-3451