WESTIN Nashville, Tennessee

When I was doing research on where to stay in Nashville, I was looking for convince, but most importantly, I wanted to make sure I had a luxurious experience…without paying over-the-top prices.  Truly, the Westin was the perfect choice for my weekend getaway to Tennessee.  Located right in the Gulch, and walking distance to downtown Nashville.  Put it this way, it helped me get my steps in for the day and I didn’t hear noise from Broadway Street. Honestly, what an experience that is…10:30am, I’m walking town Broadway and every car is open and there is a band playing FOR FREE!  No one at the bars gets paid to perform, but it's an amazing way to get noticed.
Nashville is the capitol of music on the east coast, and the decor perfectly displayed that with leather stirred behind the front desk with guitar strings, giving the illusion of country music. Over by the elevators and in the lounge area, there were tons of dangling terrariums. In the restaurant downstairs, instead of wall art, they stream a mixture music videos.  

Even the bedroom decor had a cowboy, country music theme throughout the room.  I loved that the bed frame had a little cowboy belt buckle by the personal side lights.  Speaking of the beds, have you ever laid on a fluffy cloud before?! Well, you need to sleep on a Westin bed, then you will know how it feels to sleep on a cloud.  Some people prefer firm beds, but the Westin has soft beds, there is no denying that. I am bias and love soft beds, so slept perfectly and peacefully throughout the night.  If you’re struggling falling asleep, the Westin has you covered with lavender essential oil to help calm you down and sleep peacefully into the night.  You can even purchase them at Westins online store .  Also, if you want to pack light, but want to work out while on vacation, the Westin is one step ahead of you.  For $5 a day, you can borrow New Balance gear to work out in during your stay.  Honestly, they think of everything!

Once I was all settled into my room, I went right up stairs for a night cap at the rooftop lounge and pool.  Right as you get off the elevator, the decor sets you into a completely different atmosphere.  Imagine the pol in the two story Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, meets a trendy new rooftop bar in New York City. During my stay and while I was cruising around town at night, I was able to see the bright pink pool from far away.

Things to do walking distnace

  1. Frist Art Museum is directly across the street from the hotel.
    2. Gulch Murals & Restaurants are walking distance from the hotel. The First Art Museum begins the Gulch from where the hotel property is.
    3. Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum is a block or two away from the hotel and going away from the Gulch, but getting you a little closer to Broadway street.
    4. Broadway St. Downtown Nashville is where the party never sleeps! Literally the bars open at 10am…