The Four Seasons at Nevis, West Indies

When you think of luxury hotels, what is the first name that comes to your mind?  For me, it’s the Four Seasons.  They thrive on excellence, and are always one step ahead of their hotel guest.  That is luxury!  For each Four Seasons property that I’ve had the privilege of staying at, I see similarities in charm and excellence, but each location is unique with their own little twist of the Four Seasons mission. When I think of the Four Seasons, I think of excellent service, white fluffy cloud like beds, delicious restaurants, and beautiful architecture. Recently I stayed at the Four Seasons Hualalai, and now I have just returned from a wonderful stay at the Four Seasons in Nevis with my good blogging friend Jyo Shankar.   

I had never heard of St. Kitts & Nevis before this trip, and once I googled to see that it was real, I instantly fell in love!  The islands are stunning and the hotel accommodations looked too good to be true! Fun facts that I learned, St. Kitts & Nevis are two separate islands, but they are both under one government. Also, Alexander Hamilton was born on Nevis island. When you travel to these islands, you fly into St. Kitts and take a boat to Nevis.  The Four Seasons has a driver that meets you at St. Kitts airport, they drive your luggage in a separate van and your luggage will be waiting for you in your hotel room.  They truly start catering to you the moment you land on the island.  As they drive you to the boat, they give you a little history about St. Kitts & Nevis.  At one point they stop at a view point, where you can see the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean on the other.  HOW COOL IS ?! 

(Photo Details: On the island of St. Kitts, with the Atlantic Ocean on the Left and the Caribbean on the Right)

After a fun little boat ride, you arrive to the stunning shoreline of the Four Seasons Nevis and are greeted with big beautiful smiles.  Such a unique warm welcome!  I don’t think I have ever taken a boat to get to my hotel before, so being greeted on a pier was a first for me.  That will be something I will never forget.  When walking on the pier towards the lobby, or as they refer to as the Great Room, you get a little preview of the hotel layout and a stunning view of Nevis Peak.  During their off season this year, the Four Seasons plans to remodel the pool, and I can’t wait to see how it looks!  They have recently renovated part of the hotel and it was gorgeous to see these new designs!  Our room was perfect!  We had a view of the Reflection Pool (an adult only pool) from our own porch, and could see the beach right behind the infinity pool.  The rooms have a classy taste on upscale beach house design: beautiful white fluffy beds, massive TV’s, stunning large white marble bathrooms, adorable light blue beach shell wall paper, and a porch that looks out to the pools and ocean.  

First things first, a spa day is always needed after a long day of traveling. Jyo and I scheduled ourselves massages and enjoyed all of the spa amenities. These cute and colorful huts are where each treatment take place.  This spa is known for its tea treatment called Themae, which is a local remedy known for its healing benefits. Trust me, it’s worth the treatment!

Once we were don’t at the spa, Jyo and I headed over to our very own private cabana we reserved for the day. This little hut had everything you needed to enjoy a fun day at the beach. I’m pretty sure I sat on that hammock for hours ordering one passion fruit smoothie after the other. No matter if you are sitting by one of their many pools, sitting on the beach or in one of the cabanas, you will have the same excellent service anywhere you sit!

 Aside from these amazing bedroom accommodations, they have a 24hr gym with everything you could imagine in it, so many tennis courts that they could host their own tennis tournament, an 18 hole golf course with wild monkeys running around, and amazing villas.  These villas are perfect for families and even people on honeymoons.  They are private and tucked away on Nevis Peak,  but they come with your own golf cart to get around the property with. Each villa on the peak is owned by an actual home owner, but are loaned to the resort for rentals. That is why each villa is unique. There are suites and villas attached to the resort if you would prefer to stay closer to the beach and hotel accommodations. You can have the hotel get groceries for you to cook your own meals or they have a chef that can come to you!  If I were to stay in the villas, I would 100% hire the chef to cook local dishes for me! Check out my Instagram and watch my Highlights to see more of these villas!


Speaking of local dishes, when you’re on the island you need to head to Sunshines Beach Bar and Grill.  It’s world famous and known for it’s Killer Bee drink, and lucky for us, its walking distance from the hotel!  Jyo and I had lunch there one day and quickly fell in love!  The restaurant has good vibes only, with Rastafarian colors painted all over and reggae music blasting over the speakers. Once we sat down, we were quickly greeted by Sunshine, the owner himself.  He walked right up to Jyo and I with a big smile, dressed all in white and asked if I was a Victoria Secret model.  Needless to say, I will forever remember that man for his compliment.  Of course, I will even remember him for the amazing chicken wings.  OH MY GOD, they fell off the bones perfectly with the best flavors ever!  Be careful with those Killer Bee drinks by the way!  They are not joking when they say, “watch out for the sting”.  The large is a small plastic cup because these drinks can knock you off your feet with just 2 cups! 

The food onsite at the Four Seasons is over the top delicious! Each restaurant had their own delicious menu, and a unique twist on the Caribbean cuisine. One of the things I love most about he Four Seasons is that you can order off of any menu with their 24 hour room service! There is always one night on any trip where I am ordering room service, but I am generally checking out every restaurant on site! Be sure to make reservations for Mango & ESQUILINA. When we went to ESQUILINA, we were able to do a fun tasting, pairing wines with each dish. The chef put together some delicious flavors for us to try!

Obviously you should explore the island, and when you do hire Naturally Nevis, but be sure to take a tour of the Four Seasons property. It was so fun to learn about the sugar mill on the golf course and to hear about all the plants on site. Some of these plants have health benefits that could help the world! The best part about this tour thought is feeding the wild monkeys!! YES, WILD MONKEYS!! It was so much fun, I HIGHLY recommend taking part in this experience!

Monkey photos taken by: Natalie Marie

Other places to explore on the island of Nevis:

The home of Alexander Hamilton has turned into a museum and the home itself will be open to the public soon.
Bananas Restaurant for an amazing rooftop view!
Golden Rock Inn to not only check in for a few nights, but to enjoy their lobster sandwich.
Montpelier Plantation and Beach is another beautiful hotel and the hide away where Princess Diane took the twos after she Divorced Prince Charles.
The Gin Trap for a festive gin drink and all the popcorn you can eat!
Yachtsman Grill for some delicious fresh fish and pizza.