Restoration Hardware in Yountville, California

If you are planning a trip up to wine country, I highly suggest making a reservation at Restoration Hardware. My mother had gone recently and said it was a must. I laughed saying, “the store has a restaurant?”. WOW! What a restaurant indeed! With chandeliers everywhere, you instantly feel like you’ve stepped foot into a 5 star hotel rather than a store front. What’s nice about the property is that it is large with not only the store in the back and the restaurant in front, but on the side there is a beer and wine lounge. You could spend a large majority of your day here at Restoration Hardware.

This restaurant is stunning! It reminds me of a green house or garden, but instead of growing plants, they are growing chandeliers. (haha). Seriously, I have never seen so many before, which im sure wasn’t cheap! It just adds such a unique element to the dinning experience. I loved the fountains in the middle of the room on each side of the restaurant, again making me feel like we are in a garden of some sort. Speaking of garden, these vegetables are from the garden right out back. I LOVE eating fresh vegetables because you know what you are eating. It’s always best to know where your food is coming from and knowing its from the backyard just means its clean eating! I highly recommend the Avocado Toast with charred sourdough, roasted tomatoes, and a farm egg, as well as the Crispy Artichokes with potatoes, rosemary aioli, and lemon. If you are looking to have a cheat day and craving something salts, 100% you need to order the Truffled Grilled Cheese. Anything truffle automatically is amazing… am I wrong?!

Aside from the gorgeous restaurant and store front, the back patio is perfect for any event or occasion. When I was there it was fun to see a group of girls having a little brunch date. This will be the perfect place to spend your hot summer days sipping on sparking wine and eating yummy truffle grilled cheese. Again, there were so many more chandeliers!! I am so curious how much that must have coast them because they are everywhere, they are massive, and they are just GORGEOUS! Even the indoor wine bar is stunning and cozy. this place really is a must visit for any occasion!

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