Nashville, Tennessee Travel Food Guide

Peg Leg Porker

I flew in really late to Nashville, and of course I was starving. Peg Leg Porker was not only walking distance to my hotel, but it was open SUPER late. 100% a great way to start off my southern food pilgrimage through Nashville. I highly recommend the half rack of rib!

Hattie B

A MUST EAT AT ON YOUR VISIT! I know everyone else will tell you to go to other favorite places because to them, it was “the best”. Let me tell you, it’s not, and Hattie B is! I ordered my food at the perfect time, because I truly have never seen a line out the door like that before. It truly blew me away seeing people lined up for blocks just to fill their bellies with Hattie B! It was some of the tastiest fried chicken and spicy pickles I’ve ever had!

The 404 Kitchen

Located in the Gulch, and just a few minute walk from my hotel (Westin), The 404 Kitchen was the perfect spot for a sit down dinner. I wouldn’t call it fancy, but it was the fanciest restaurant I went to while in Nashville. The service here was perfect. They were 10 steps ahead of our group knowing we had a child with us. It made a difference on the over all experience of the night. If the food wasn’t that good, I would probably still recommend this place just on the hospitality alone… but it was DELICIOUS! I took a little bit of everyones dishes and they were mouthwatering and full of flavor.

Bakersfield: Taco - Tequila - Whiskey

Let me just be up front and say that the best tacos in the United States are in California, and everywhere else will be second best. Bakersfield in Nashville was pretty tasty and great for big groups! It’s right by the American Music Hall of Fame and Museum, so it was a convenient treat.

The Southern

The Southern I would consider to be a nice steakhouse and oyster bar, making this the 2nd fanciest restaurant of the trip. If you are a sports fan and worried about missing the game, don’t worry. There are TVs everywhere. We sat in the middle of the room and had a TV at every corner. Worth it for the biscuits alone…. seriously just have a basket and a side, you’ll be fine! I’m gluten free, but 100% cheated for these bite size buttery biscuits. I loved my meal here, and actually dream of these biscuits!

Henrietta Red

Henrietta Red is perfect in every way. From decor, to flavors, to service…everything! It had such a quaint charm and trendy vibes. Every bite was exploding with flavors and perfect textures. I went for brunch and would truly recommend going for brunch. I wish I could have gone here once for every meal to try all of chefs tasty dishes!

Whiskey Kitchen

A close friend of mine recommended Whiskey Kitchen for a specific drink and sadly ti wasn’t on the menu anymore. BUT still was fun, tase and worth the visit. We had time to kill before our flight and some how managed to find room in my already exploding stomach for fried pickles and a couple more cocktails.