The Inn at Newport Ranch in Fort Bragg


Thinking about going on a little peaceful getaway, but don’t know where to go?  The Inn at Newport Ranch up in Fort Bragg, California, is where you’ll want to stay.  It’s breathtaking views, fresh sea breeze air, and warm hospitality makes you feel right at home.  The girls and I, Giulia and Nessa - (@palmtreesandpellegrino) & (@nessacarreira), wanted to celebrate Giulia’s 25th birthday with a quiet road trip up north, and we were so thankful to have stayed at the Inn.  They took part in helping us celebrate with cookies, a birthday cake, balloons, and flowers for the birthday girl!  Such a sweet gesture and warm welcome on their behalf!  
This cozy log cabin is a great place for small corporate events and retreats, a wedding, honeymoon, or if you just want to get away.  Everyone has told me to write a book because some of the events that have happened in my life are just too good to be true.  One day when I plan to sit and write this book, I will do it peacefully at the Inn bundled up by the fire in my suit, and with a delicious hot toddy in hand.  If I get writers block, I have this unreal view to inspire me, and there’s tons of little activities on or around the property.  Some of the activities the Inn has to offer are ATV rides, horseback riding, hiking trails, biking, BBQ & picnics, bonfires, and whale watching.

While staying at the Inn, we decided to go on an ATV ride.  We would have done horseback riding, but it was raining and at least the ATV was covered a little and they gave us rain gear to stay dry.  It was fun getting a little dirty; it added an extra little element to the full experience.  We took a few stops a long the journey viewing everything the property had to offer. First we started cruising along the shore and sat for a moment to watch the waves crash against the cliffs.  After, we crossed Hwy 1 to the other side and got to view an old cemetery.  Fun fact, the Inn does not own this cemetery, the state does, but they maintain it. Some may think it’s a bit creepy viewing a cemetery, but really it was amazing to see tombstones from the late 1800’s.  Finally, the ATV took us through to woods where we saw cattle, banana slugs, different types of mushrooms, and California Bay leaves.  We stopped to pick some California Bay leaves to bring back to the Inn for dinner.  Such a fun experience feeling like we helped prepare dinner, when really all we did was pick leaves (haha). 

I love interacting with people, it's my extroverted curse.  While staying here, you felt secluded and alone even with other guest staying at the Inn.  Though at every meal, we gathered as one happy family and dined together.  The chef on site is marvelous if I do say so myself.  I recommend his French toast for breakfast and the Cod for dinner.  Everything cooked on site is found locally or even grown on the property.  I am a very healthy eater and very cautious where my food is coming from.  Knowing that all the vegetables are grown on site made my heart explode with joy.  There wasn’t a single dish served that I didn’t like, especially the cocktails.  I love a good hot toddy, and that was exceptional.  Also, I am on a unique diet, limiting me to a lot of specific foods. Thankfully, they were over the top accommodating me with foods that I can eat! True quality service!

The Grove Suite

OMG! What a gorgeous and unique space! I have never stayed in a room that made you feel right at home. The design of the room is beautiful with tall ceilings, giving a mansion sized illusion to the suite. The wood beams were a really cool touch and texture to the room. You could see the layers within the tree from its perfectly sliced cut, and they even have a little glass viewing at the bottom to see it planted back into the ground. Such a cool feature. Another unique aspect to the suite were the Nest thermostats in each room. I am always cool to the bone and making my room toasty, while not disturbing everyone else throughout the suite was brilliant. I need that in every room of my home! Honestly, I would love to come back to this Inn when it’s not raining everyday because enjoying those little chairs right outside our suite, looking out to the ocean would have been the cherry on my Sundae. Also, did I mention there was a hot tub right outside those doors too?? Nonetheless, my stay was perfect and I would love to come back even if it was a rainy weekend again…that’s how amazing this place truly is!

If I’m going to travel any distance to any destination, I expect exceptional quality and comfort.  The Inn at Newport Ranch had just that and much more.  Truly, they go above and beyond to strive for excellence in making sure that your stay is a pleasurable one.  


Recommendations around the Inn

We made a few stops along HWY 1 as we made our way to the Inn At Newport Ranch. I would highly recommend if you are searching for the perfect photo opportunity.

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