I know I am so late to writing this, reality hit once I got back from my trip in June.  I finally have the time to sit, while enjoying a (few) gin dirty martinis and write about my love for Iceland.  Unexpectedly, it has always been somewhere I wanted to visit and I am so thankful to say that I finally have. Don’t get me wrong, I love the outdoors, I just hate being cold.  I WAS FROZEN AND RAINING THE ENTIRE TRIP, but still had the best time ever! The only bummer is that I didn’t get to take as many photos as I had hoped too.
The  moment I landed and looked out the window chuckled a little because there was not a single tree in site.  Apparently, settlers years ago chopped down all the trees and because of the sheep grazing they were unable to grow back.  I could be wrong, but then again this is just a blog…not a school textbook.  
It blows my mind that this island is still an active volcano.  When I think of a volcano, I think of Hawaii, where it is warm and tropical.  Sure, those islands are still active as well, but when I think of Iceland, I think cold as fuck and I couldn’t imagine a hot volcano being able to rupture.  Plus, there is a famous glacier on this volcanic island.  Maybe it’s just me, but the idea of something thick and frozen surviving its shape on top of an active volcano is a little unreal.  


Nostra, just like every other restaurant or every other site in Reykjavik, it thrives on tourism. Food is too expensive in Iceland since a majority is imported in, so locals tend to cook at home and go out for special occasions. I had the honor of meeting the head chef when I got to experience a 6 course meal. He was so generous and was willing to let me come back in the next day to photograph some behind the scenes form blog. Sadly, I was only in town for one night or I would have totally took him up on the offer. I am never going to say no to free food, especially when its as delicious as this. Nostra needs to be your number one place to taste when you visit. Just keep in mind that food everywhere in Iceland is outrageously pricey (in comparison to the states).
Every restaurant I went too was definitely over priced, but because of the international currency rate and the fact that EVERYTHING has to be imported means that every meal will be a pricey one. Aside from it being expensive, every restaurant I went too was DIVINE! I mean it, everything was fresh, healthy and flavorful! Being gluten free and dairy free can be really tricky when I travel. The best part about Iceland is how accommodating they are with my diet. h


There really isn’t much to say other than they are everywhere and they are magical! When I tried to google the names of the places, for one thing I couldn’t figure out which was which because the Icelandic words are so hard to understand, and they all look the same. I will say that one of the waterfalls sat on both the Northern American continent and the European continent, so that was pretty dope to experience. Also, some of the waterfalls are open, where you can go up to the powerful beating wear and feel the mists pressure across your face. that would never happen in America! Insurance companies would have a heart attack just thinking about all the liabilities. Trust me, go to Iceland to see all these waterfalls, they truly are unreal.

Dog Sledding

SCREW WATERFALLS…. PUT THIS AS TOP OF YOUR LIST! Dog Sledding was honestly the best! I really wish it was snowing out while we were sledding because it would have been so whimsical. Nonetheless, it was still a beautiful experience and I got to pet a million dogs. It was really fun seeing the dogs bouncing around all hyper and excited to mush, and it was hilarious when they were silent while running. It truly was amazing to see who was pulling harder than others, and who was falling out of line. These dogs are beyond intelligent!! Check out Icelands Dog Sledding !!

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, made famous by instagram and every blogger who has ever been to Iceland. To be honest, it was pretty fun. Expensive, but worth the experience. The water was warm, while it was freezing cold outside, the masks were refreshing, and the best part there is a swim up bar….just saying, yo shouldn’t miss out on this! We went as our last excursion before heading to the airport, which is EXTREMELY close by! You have no excuses, you need to go!! There is a hotel there so you could even stay the night!