Galantines Day at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley

Trying to think of a special way to say "I love you", on Valentines Day?  Sure, flowers and candy are sweet, but something thats more thought out and unique will forever be cherished.  This year, why not treat the one you love the most to a spa day!   It's something everyone can enjoy and its even something the two of you can enjoy together.  If you're single like me, its the perfect way to share a fun, relaxing day with your girlfriends.  For all you in the Bay Area looking to have a mini day-cation, but don't want to travel too far, check out the spa at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley (@fspaloalto).  

Recently, I got spoiled there and experienced one of the best spa days of my life with my two girlfriends Jyo (@cuppajyo) and Nisha (@thefashionisha).  
When you walk into the Four Seasons, its just what you expect, lavish and beautiful.  The spa was fully equipped with the best skin and hair products, and top of the line equipment for facials and massages.  The women in the spa greet you with big warm smiles and make you feel right at home.  All I can say about this spa is WOW!  So many little details that were comforting and relaxing instantly, from the smells to the lighting, and so many more little details.  I thought my robe at home felt like a little piece of heaven, but I was way off!!  Wherever the Four Seasons gets their robes from, I need to order a lifetime supply of them.   I'm sure everyone has their own specific taste in what they find as comfortable, but this robe in particular was the perfect weight, fluff and warmth.  If I could, I would wear one of those robes all day, everyday.  Along with the heavenly robes, the massage beds were more comfortable than my bed at home which in my house is referred to as, " the princess bed".  These beds were unbelievable, they were soft and if I'm not mistaken, I believe they had tempurperdic memory foam. That's not even the best part...THEY WERE HEATED BEDS! The massage was the perfect amount of pressure and I actually think I passed out.  For every massages I've ever had, I don't think I've been that relaxed, enough to take an hour nap on a heated bed, while someone works out my knots on my back. Talk about the royal treatment!  Although the robes and heated beds are a major highlight to this amazing spa day, and the complimentary champaign was a nice perk, but the most unique and delightful experience was the eucalyptus sauna.  WOW! Just WOW!  Just breathing in and smelling the eucalyptus was overwhelmingly relaxing.  To top off the entire experience, the girls and I enjoyed a nice dip in the hot tub on their rooftop pool.  The Four Seasons spa really thought out every fine detail for their guest.  Truly giving the idea of relaxation a completely new meaning.  

  Since It was Gal-entines Day for me and my girlfriends, we all decided to get dressed up!  I'm wearing some o fm personal favorites:

Thigh high boots from Public Desire (@publicdesire)
Denim from Free People (@freepeople)
Bodysuit from Nasty Gal (@nastygal)
Faux fur vest from Donna Salyers (@donnasalyers)
Ray Ban sunglasses (@rayban)


Somedays Lovin' (@somedayslovin) Swim Suit from Blackwater Boutique (@shopblackwater) 
Rosary necklace from Child of Wild (@child_of_wild)
Came from Gypsy 05 (@gypsy05)
Sunglasses from Woodzee (@woodzeeinc)

Spent one of the best days with my two girlfriends!!  TRUST ME, go spoil your loved ones to a spa day and romantic dinner at the Four Seasons Palo Alto for Valentines day!  It's the perfect gift!!