Jurlique Skin Care: NEW Moisture Plus Rare Rose Collection

I’ve been at the lake for about 2 weeks now and it’s been a bit windy and hot, making my skin really dry. Especially being out on the boat all day, my face gets hit with harsh winds and drys out with the sun. Jurlique has the best hydrating products and I was so excited when they asked me to test out their news Moisture Plus Rare Rose collection.  These 3 bottles were the perfect way to keep my face from drying out while being at the lake these past few weeks. Its clinically proven to help your skin stay hydrated for over 24 hours with rose extracts from their farms in South Australia. Morning and night I do the Rare Rose Cream and Rare Rose Serum, and throughout the day I keep up my hydration with the Rare Rose Lotion. These 3 products have really helped my face in just a short amount of time and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on some on August 1st, when its finally released!!  

Jurlique Skin Care X Anthropologie

It’s finally Spring, which means my skin is about to change quickly! I have VERY sensitive skin and heading to Palm Spring first thing during the end of Winter leading into Spring really doesn’t help my skin. I will always pack Vitamin C face oils and moisturizer. This time around I did something a little different. Instead of Vitamin C, which firms your skin, I packed something more nursing to put moisture back into my face while it’s so dry outside. I brought Jurlique skin care this time to help make my face not crack or break out! I have been using these 3 products religiously for the past 2 weeks and I have already noticed a BIG difference with my skin. IM NOT JOKING!

Rose Hand Cream
Way back when, I used to use the same lotion all over my body and didn’t know that some part of my body were being mistreated. My hands especially!! While sitting in the sun, attempting to catch a real tan, my hands are always feel really rough and dry. I would use this hand lotion to help keep my hands from frying out! Its a thicker lotion, so you don’t need much!

Face Oil

This bad boy is my favorite! I have been using this twice a day while being out here in Palm Springs. I use it first thing in the morning, before putting on sunscreen and makeup if I am heading out for the day. Not only do I use it for my face, but my neck too! Can’t forget to take care of your neck ladies!! The second time I use this amazing skin balancing face oil is right before bed after washing my face! I helps moisturize throughout the night while I get some much needed beauty rest!

Rose Water Mist

This lovely product has been really refreshing to use! Since Palm Springs is so dry, I’ve been using this a few times a day. If I am sitting in the sun with no makeup on, I will just sprits myself to help my skin stay hydrated throughout the day. Plus, just like the balancing oil, I use this first thing in the morning and right before bed!


These products really have helped me and they can help you! rose water is really replenishing and helpful for all skin types! Interested in testing it out? Head over to my Liketoknow.it to get your hands on some products! Also, DID YOU KNOW that Anthropologie sells this brand too!?! Just another reason why I love them so much! They really care about the brands they are promoting and do research to make sure that they are not only environmentally healthy, but most importantly healthy for your body!

Bananas Foster Ice Cream



-1 1/2 cup raw cashews, soaked in the refrigerator overnight

-3 frozen bananas

-1/4 cup nut milk

-2 Tablespoons coconut oil, melted

-1 teaspoon vanilla bean powder or vanilla extract



-14 dates, pitted (if dry, soak in warm water for 10 minutes, then drain)

-1/2 tsp sea salt

-1-3 Tbsp warm water (optional - for thinning)

*OPTIONAL: 1 Tbsp bourbon


1) In a high-speed blender, blend all ingredients on medium-low until smooth – texture should be like soft serve.

2) Scoop contents of blender into an ice cream maker. Churn ice cream for 20 minutes.

3) In the meantime, prepare caramel by adding dates to a food processor or blender and blending until creamy and smooth, adding warm water to encourage it along if it needs extra help. Season with sea salt (and bourbon if desired) and blend once more to combine. Taste and adjust flavor as needed. Set aside.

4) Once churned, transfer the ice cream to a large freezer-safe container and spoon in desired amount of caramel (we used it all, but you can reserve it for other uses) and use a spoon or knife to swirl. Add a pinch more salt for even more salty-sweet contrast if desired.

5) Smooth top and cover well. Freeze for at least 4-6 hours or until firm.

6) Set out for 10-15 minutes before serving to soften. Will keep for up to 1 week, though best when fresh.




To be honest, I have never tried a pre-work out and I was a bit nervous.  I don't really like the idea of feeling cracked out when trying to break a sweat.  I only drink green tea and if I do have coffee now a days, I feel overly wired!  Not a fun feeling when you crash!  

I tried WM Nutrition and I have to say, I really liked it!  I was worried that it would have a horrible taste as a lot of things do, but it actually tasted like pixie sticks!  PLUS,  I had no crash and no jitters!  I was so happy that I didn't feel like I was sweating from the pre-workout, thankfully it was fun a successful work out!! 

Since I liked their pre-workout so much, I ended up getting their AdvantraSlim and Sleep It Off.  I was really excited to try Sleep It Off because as a creative, my mind never shuts off.  I've friend everything to help me sleep, and stay asleep.  NOTHING WORKS!  No joke, the nights I've taken Sleep It Off, I don't even notice I've fallen asleep.  In the morning I feel rested and ready for my day.  I really don't need a cup of tea on mornings like that.   Days that I do need a caffeine boost, I sadly find myself exhausted by noon.  No one likes to crash like that when you have so much to do in less than 24hrs.  AdvantraSlim is actually a good energy boost for me midday. They come in fun flavors too like Lemonade, Strawberry Daiquiri, Key Lime Pie, Peach Mango, and Blue Berry Acai.  Just having the little ouch in my purse is really convenient to just put in my bottled water.  


10/10 would recommend! 

Check out WM Nutrition and use promo code: paulina50 for a discount!!! Who doesn't like a good discount?!? 


Juice Co. Choice of the Week: #G04

This week, my favorite go to healthy choice is from Juice Co., a local pressed juice business in Los Gatos, Ca. They have a wide selection of juices that fits your needs.  Right now I've been needing a solid detox and a mineral boost.  Drink #G04, had all of that an more.  This drink in particular is good for anti inflammatory, detoxifying, plant protein, vitamins A + C + K, and because of the chia seeds, it's high in fiber, iron omega 3s, and protein.  All of that in one drink!  Im sure you're thinking that it must have a weird texture drinking something with the chia seeds inside of it.   I grew up with a lot of cousins who are picky eaters, so I understand that this isn't a selection for everyone.  If you can get past the chia seeds, it's a really beneficial drink.  It doesn't have a earthy taste from the greens and beets because the pineapple gives it a nice balance of sweetness.  Trust me, you're body will thank you later!

 #G04 Ingredients: 
Beet Green
Chia Seeds

Siren Snacks

It’s been a little over a year now, but I have decided to take a shift in my life.  A change for the better and started with tackling my heath.  Sure I’m young, but better to start early than not at all or even when it’s too late.  SO, I decided to cut out a lot of different foods in my everyday diet and I have never felt so good before.  
I no longer eat:
Dairy (only eggs)
Raw Tomatos
I thought I was going to die giving up pizzas, cheeseburgers, ice cream, bacon, and everything good in life.  Truthfully, I’ve never felt so good before, so its helped me motivate myself to stay away from those foods.  I don’t need coffee first thing in the morning or at all for that matter to get myself up and out of bed.  My hair FINALLY started growing and has never been this long before, (Trust me, my hair would not grow and I have tried EVERYTHING!). My acne is to a minimal, except for my average hormonal break out. Also, I’ve lost all inflammation in my body and a dropped a little wright (wasn’t my goal, but who doesn’t love loosing a few pounds).  Changing my diet really changed my life for the better, but the hardest thing is finding certain brands I like.  I’ve been so used to brands I grew up loving or have fallen in love with over the years. 

Now trying to start all over is an adventure. I have tried so many new brands, but they are either disgusting, smell funky or even crumble before even opening the package.  Recently on that adventure I discovered Siren Snacks. This plant based protein snack is really tasty and a few of them filled me up while I was on the go.  Being on this lifestyle change, I miss having cookies and brownies, but these vegan, gluten free, non-GMO bites have filled my cravings. My personal favor is the Lemon Poppy Seed!!