To be honest, I have never tried a pre-work out and I was a bit nervous.  I don't really like the idea of feeling cracked out when trying to break a sweat.  I only drink green tea and if I do have coffee now a days, I feel overly wired!  Not a fun feeling when you crash!  

I tried WM Nutrition and I have to say, I really liked it!  I was worried that it would have a horrible taste as a lot of things do, but it actually tasted like pixie sticks!  PLUS,  I had no crash and no jitters!  I was so happy that I didn't feel like I was sweating from the pre-workout, thankfully it was fun a successful work out!! 

Since I liked their pre-workout so much, I ended up getting their AdvantraSlim and Sleep It Off.  I was really excited to try Sleep It Off because as a creative, my mind never shuts off.  I've friend everything to help me sleep, and stay asleep.  NOTHING WORKS!  No joke, the nights I've taken Sleep It Off, I don't even notice I've fallen asleep.  In the morning I feel rested and ready for my day.  I really don't need a cup of tea on mornings like that.   Days that I do need a caffeine boost, I sadly find myself exhausted by noon.  No one likes to crash like that when you have so much to do in less than 24hrs.  AdvantraSlim is actually a good energy boost for me midday. They come in fun flavors too like Lemonade, Strawberry Daiquiri, Key Lime Pie, Peach Mango, and Blue Berry Acai.  Just having the little ouch in my purse is really convenient to just put in my bottled water.  


10/10 would recommend! 

Check out WM Nutrition and use promo code: paulina50 for a discount!!! Who doesn't like a good discount?!?