Juice Co. Choice of the Week: #G04

This week, my favorite go to healthy choice is from Juice Co., a local pressed juice business in Los Gatos, Ca. They have a wide selection of juices that fits your needs.  Right now I've been needing a solid detox and a mineral boost.  Drink #G04, had all of that an more.  This drink in particular is good for anti inflammatory, detoxifying, plant protein, vitamins A + C + K, and because of the chia seeds, it's high in fiber, iron omega 3s, and protein.  All of that in one drink!  Im sure you're thinking that it must have a weird texture drinking something with the chia seeds inside of it.   I grew up with a lot of cousins who are picky eaters, so I understand that this isn't a selection for everyone.  If you can get past the chia seeds, it's a really beneficial drink.  It doesn't have a earthy taste from the greens and beets because the pineapple gives it a nice balance of sweetness.  Trust me, you're body will thank you later!

 #G04 Ingredients: 
Beet Green
Chia Seeds