Top Knot Goods

There are those people, where from the moment you meet them, you know deep down they are just kind hearted people.  In a fast pace world like the one we all live in now, we tend to over look kindness and just seek necessity.  I've always been a person who has too much love to give, and when I met Natalie from Top Knot Goods, I knew she was the exact same way.  Some advice to all of you, keep the kindest people close to you and fill your life with love and happiness.  When people are down, a simple smile and kind gesture goes father than you'll ever realize.  Natalie, I thank you for being my friend and for being a crazy animal lover, dog obsessor like myself.  I had the best time shooting this blog for all of you and I hope you enjoy the 70s funky vibe as much as I do!! 

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Photos by Matthew Sweat (@sweatbrah)