Running in Fields of Green

I know it may be hard to believe, but this is really what Peru looks like.  Lush and vibrant colors all over this country.  Bright green valleys with snowy mountain tops in the background.  Words and photos cannot do this country justice,  you just need to get up from your chair, get on a plane and go explore all of Peru.  My driver must have thought I was crazy for wanting to take photos in this field.  I probably scared the crap out of him when I yelled, "OH MY GOD PULL OVER!!!!".   Truly, I could have pulled up a chair and just watch the sun fall over the mountains all day every day.   If anyone is planning to go to Peru, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!  I will forever dream of this beautiful country.  

Right now this beautiful country needs our help.  they are suffering from horrible mudslides and flooding.  These families are watching their homes being washed away by mother nature and already have little to nothing to begin with.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, take a little time out of your day and a few dollars out of your bank accounts to help fund their families.  A little goes a really long way.  These 4 nonprofits are there now helping get money, clean water, food and clothes to these families in need.  

Please go to this website and save a life!!!! :

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