To be honest, I own maybe one watch and it sits in my safe.  I've always been very picky about the style of watches I want to have on my wrist everyday.  I'm not really into the idea of something bold and flashy with a lot of bling bling on my wrist.  No, I would rather have something a little more unique and simple. Something that can blend in a bit.  When I discovered the Jord Watches, I felt like I finally found something I liked and could wear on a daily basis.  I never thought about getting a wood watch before, but I absolutely love it!  My watch is the dark polished walnut wood and the navy blue face, which really matches my personal style and I can wear it for every season.  Since Spring is right around the corner I thought it would be a nice watch to have and wear with a simple spring dress.  Lately, it has been absolutely freezing in the Bay Area, so I'm looking forward to the day that I can wear my new Jord wood watch and a summer dress!! Aside from the design of this watch, what I really like about it is that it’s unisex.  I've alway had a bit of a tom-boy edge to my style and this cool watch really blends into that characteristic.  Some of the women's watches are too girly and some of the mens watches are too masculine for my small wrists.  So I had to have this watch!!  I could see my brother rocking this watch too.  Thankfully my watch is set to my wrist size and he can’t steal it from me!  For my blog post featuring my new watch, I paired it with one of my favorite coats from Scotch & Soda.  As a stylist, I’m not afraid to pair black and brown together, especially if the brown is really dark.  Fashion rules were meant to be broken!  Be daring and go buy yourself a Jord watch, trust me you will love it!!

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