High on a Hill in Peru

Never in a million years would I ever imagine hiking up an Inka trail in Peru, wearing Bedstu wedges and an Auguste the Label dress.  Laughing the entire way up the mountain, thinking about how scared of heights I am, but I can now say I did it!!!  I'm crazy, yes, this isn't news.  The funniest part about this entire moment were the local women calling me, "White Ghost", as they watched me hike.  They thought I was crazy, but I was thinking the same thing about them.  They were hiking up this cliff in their every day shoes, with a child on their back only strapped in with a little blanket.  Basically, their norm was unusual for me and for me to hike up in my blogging outfit was unusual for them.  Nonetheless, it was all worth it.  


Right now this beautiful country needs our help.  they are suffering from horrible mudslides and flooding.  These families are watching their homes being washed away by mother nature and already have little to nothing to begin with.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, take a little time out of your day and a few dollars out of your bank accounts to help fund their families.  A little goes a really long way.  These 4 nonprofits are there now helping get money, clean water, food and clothes to these families in need.  

Please go to this website and save a life!!!! :



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