I AM SO EXCITED TO PUBLISH THIS BLOG SERIES WITH ANTHROPOLOGIE!! Such a wonderful dream come true!!  Of course mother nature was a bit of a bitch the day Jose and I scheduled our shoot.  After days of consistent rain, we picked the one day where it was supposed to be overcast, but no, it was partly cloudy where the sun kept popping in and out and the winds were cold and strong.  At times I felt I was about to fall over into the mud because the winds were so strong.   I have never been so cold before in my entire life!!  In between takes I had to do jumping jacks in order to stay warm.  Haha, of course Jose couldn't help but laugh at my goofiness.  Aside from the blistering cold and bipolar clouds, this shoot was unbelievable!!  All of the colors from the flowers and ocean water, were remarkable!  The fields of mustard greens reminded me of the poppy fields in the Wizard of Oz.  All I wanted to do was dance around the flowers singing, "We're Off To See The Wizard".  My obsessed with the 70s is really evident in this series and right now Anthropoligie has the perfect embroidered pieces and bellbottoms!  If you have that same obsession like I do, then I high recommend going to Anthro now, your mind with be blown!!! 

All of the clothes and accessories are from Anthropologie (@anthropologie)

Photos by Jose Rosa (@jjrosasphoto)